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Testing of EU-approved cannabis strains for the production of innovative CBD-containing medical products

The IASP (Institute for Agricultural and Urban Ecological Projects at the Humboldt University in Berlin) is conducting tests for the German Cannabis Group on the legal extraction of cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp in Germany. Active ingredients are to be obtained from EU-approved varieties. Research is being carried out into which of the approx. 40 varieties would be suitable and how they should be grown. The experiments are conducted by Dr. Stefan Köhler and Dr. Andreas Muskolus

Effect of cannabis products on pain center activity in a double-blind longitudinal study

Prof. David Scheffer has been researching personality system interaction theory for 25 years and has, among other things, published important international publications with the famous motivational researchers Julius Kuhl and Heiner Heckhausen. A particular research interest is the effect of the pain center, which i.a. localized in the amygdala based on the motivation of people. For this purpose, Scheffer has developed implicit measuring instruments that also make it possible to understand the unconscious parts of the pain process. Here, for example, the fifth level of the operant motif test (OMT) should be mentioned, which has already been used in many research projects and includes has shown a very close connection between motivation and early childhood trauma. Scheffer is researching the effect of cannabis products on the activity of this pain center in a double-blind longitudinal study. The control groups include from users of fragrances and meditation. The explicit and implicit sensation of pain is administered over several years using relevant measuring instruments.

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