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GCG covers the whole value chain of the cannabis industry

The Power of Three

AT THE HEART OF CANNABIS The German Cannabis Group (GCG) is a Berlin-based company with a strong focus on the whole value chain of the cannabis industry. Our common believe is that „we want to make cannabis great again“. We are convinced that a solid infrastructure, good network and a sustainable organizational setup are instrumental to the success of our Cannabis infrastructure. We are located in the heart of Berlin and work on 3 main areas.









Manufacturing / Retail

Product Innovation



Management Team

Our partners are a fruitful mix of business founders and academic knowledge leaders. We have built an extensive international network of affiliated entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, growth investors and executives.

Dr. Nikolaos Katsaras

After his PhD in Applied & Agricultural Economics, Niko held various positions along the value chain of eCommerce and IT in general. That gave him the fortunate opportunity to take a look at the agri and tech venture  industry from all possible angles and perspectives…as a manager, investor as well as founder. Nikolaos is very active member of the Berlin Tech and venture community with a special focus on providing disrupting tools and technologies to the rather old-fashioned agricultural industry.

At GCG, Niko is responsible for Operations and Finance.

Dogan M. Küncekli

Dogan studied Business Administration with a focus on Marketing in Berlin; From 2010 to 2017, he worked for a leading Tech company as a senior marketing manager, where he discovered his passion for the venture business. In 2018, Dogan joined the founding team of GCG with great enthusiasm and love for the product.

At GCG he is responsible for all Marketing related topics, Communications and Sales.

Dr. med. Günay Kalender

Günay is currently Head of the department for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Vivantes-Hospital Berlin. He had worked in leading roles at the University hospital Tübingen as well as Frankfurt am Main.
The department of vascular surgery offers a broad spectrum of treatment options, ranging from established surgical up to computer-assisted methods.
Pain and Fatigue Research after surgery plays an important role in Günay’s daily work. Therefore Medical Cannabis serves as one extra method in his department’s pain-management pipeline.

Günay is heading the Medical Cannabis division of GCG.

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